Valuegist NerveNode Installation Guide

The 1U height can be easy installed and maintained to save space. It adopts the industrial advanced technology, with powerful Ethernet services and QoS feature, supporting SLA and DBA.

The splitting ratio up to 1:128, supporting different types of ONU in different networks, minimizing operators’ investments.

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Valuegist SSD (Solid State Driver) Testing

Quality Control: Reliability engineering is also a factor when testing products, and is often more applicable on the manufacturer’s end than on the controller supplier’s side. Shock & Vibe testing, age simulation, six-axis, and thermal/cold cycles are also used to abuse SSDs, hopefully provoking failures early so the team can address them before launch.

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What inside a Valuegist SSD factory?

headed down to the Valugist Technology headquarters in Guangdong China which is located about 30 minutes south of Guangzhou City on the high speed rail. It is based in the impressive Xian University Science Park.
Come with me~
Let’s check inside!

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