Please check necessary software and hardware are in place before you start to install SSD.

1. Clone system drive (Recommended Approach),

Valuegist doesn’t provide clone software, we recommend a free tool (AOMEI) for customers. You can use below link to download it. There are 2 tools you can use here. One is disk partition (PAssist), the other is system clone (Backupper). Please download both for use.

You can find an example we did from software download session of our website. Brief steps as below:

  • 1) Use a USB to SATA cable connect the SSD to the PC which you want to exchange hard drive.
  • 2) Use AOMEI Partition tool (PAssist) to partition your SSD, recommended way is make it in 3 segments (system, software, others).
  • 3) Use AOMEI Backupper to clone current disk to the SSD. You can choose whole disk clone, or partition clone (recommended).
  • 4) When you finish clone (backup) each partition of your current hard drive to the SSD, you can now physically open your PC and replace the harddrive with the newly cloned SSD. You now can start Windows directly with this new SSD. You may need reinstall some drivers, e.g. photographic card, sound card.

3. About disk information detection, Valuegist use SSDtoolbox (developed by SMI) to do this. You can download this tool from software download session.

4. About read/write speed, Valuegist doesn’t have our own tool to do this. But you can google many free tools to do this, such as Crysataldiskmark.