GREAT Opportunity! Valuegist is Looking For Domestic Distributer

Why Partner?

* Wide Selection of Audio and Video Connection, Data Transfer, Smart Charge, Ethernet Solution.

* Dedicated Brand Sales & Promotion Support.

* Excellent R&D Team: 5-8 New Products Released Every Month.

* Original Product Design with Patents.

* Efficient Pre & Post Sales Support with Dedicated Regional Sales Manager.

* Dedicated 24/7 Technical Support.

* Long term of  Quality Guarantee.


What are the Benefits of Partners?

1. Sales Support

* Dedicated Regional Sales Manager.

* Exceptional Price and Enhanced Margin Opportunity.

* Project Pricing Support.

* Fast Delivery.

2. Marketing Support

* Marketing Collateral Offered.

* Channel Marketing Fund.


3. Tech Support / Products Training

* Post-Sales Technical Support.

* Regular Sales and Technical Training.


Be an domestic distributer of Selling Valuegist Solid State Drive.




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