What inside a Valuegist SSD factory?

This week we headed down to the Valugist Technology  headquarters in Guangdong China which is located about 30 minutes south of Guangzhou City on the high speed rail. It is based in the impressive Xian University Science Park. It is home to other massive tech companies including TSMC and Lite-on as well as many more. It’s been a while since I had made the journey down south from Guangzhou and the park has either grown massively or it’s much bigger than I remember from my earlier visits many years ago.

Here the photos ~


And I’ve done quite a few factory tours over the years in Guangzhou and China and I’ve got to say that Valuegist’s factory was one of the cleanest and most comfortable that I’ve visited so far. They even had air conditioning! It’s interesting to consider things like this at the moment with a lot of pressure being applied to other companies such as Foxconn (Apple) who have issues with workplace quality pressures.