Solid State Drive

  • Sequential reads/writes up to 530 / 510 MB/s on all file types
  • Random reads/writes up to 92K / 83K on all file types
  • Over 90x more energy efficient than a typical hard Drive
  • Accelerated by micron 3D NAND technology
  • Dynamic Write acceleration delivers faster saves and file transfers
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NerveNode FTTD (Fiber to the Desk)

  • Valuegist NeveNode has been used widely in cloud computing service, remote office, industry, education, online hospital, and gain the trust and good feedback from CIO of our client, Make Network more simple, efficient, intelligent
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Valuegist Service Cloud

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Network Expand

With powerfull net expandation,  cover capbility to your terminal. every easy to extend the network.

Smart Analisys

base on the service feature, multi index is used to meet the requirement of various service.

Real-time Control

7×24 hrs Network monitor and tech service with management experience to ensure the smooth network running in long term

Strong Structure

Base on good design and powerfull maintance, make it stable and reliable in the service.

High Tech

Base Valuegist Core technology to support various network service.

Information Security

All data located on cloud with high HA architecture, ensure the security of information

Make your network more powerful and smart

Valuegist NerveNode make the Network Simple and Intelligent


Artificial intelligence is apparently intelligent behaviour by machines, rather than the natural intelligence of humans and other animals. Valuegist provide a platform which provide a easy way for our client to lunch a AI system for their business.

two primary functions:
  1. Converting the standard signals used by a FiOS service provider to the frequencyand framing used by the PON system.
  2. Coordinating the multiplexing between the conversion devices on the optical network terminals (ONTs) located on the customers’ premises.


Reduce the Cost

No Need of any human for IT system and Network maintainaince, remote control and management can be used to reduce cost


Various service can deploy on NerveNode to expand  their service easily. related resource allocated and adjusted on demand.


All data allocated in the cell storage of NerveNode, Only image and instruction transmitted between terminal and Core Cell.


Various A.I. (artificial intelligence) can be used easily, Resource management can be done automatically with the service growing up.

Flexible Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Function

Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) according to changeable requirement of the customer and

related service; support SLA.

Large Capacity and Long Transmission Distance

Each PON System supports 10 ~ 20km transmission distance under high bandwidth. Each PON line

supports 1.25Gbps uplink and downlink symmetrical bandwidth and L2/L3 transmission capacity with full

line speed.